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Modifications to your home are an investment. You need to make safe bathing changes, but you want to invest wisely. You want the BEST – that’s why you should choose Bestbath!

Bestbath™ custom manufactures each shower and bathtub to be beautiful, safe, luxurious and to last. They offer hundreds of color options, or you can completely transform the look of your tub or shower by selecting one of their many granite colors.


Bestbath™ Showers

By choosing a Bestbath Shower, you are getting the ultimate in beauty and durability. All offer durable composite structurally reinforced walls with a gel coat finish, with optional amazing total color customizations.  Choosing Bestbath is the smart choice, the best choice of quality, accessibility, and luxury. Do you need custom sizes? Our engineering staff available to assist.

  • Hundreds of shower designs made to fit your unique needs.
  • Multiple threshold heights for all applications.
  • Snap joint assembly for easy installation, a clean look, and watertight corners.
  • No mud setting required, saving time and money.
  • Customizable  with accent colors.
  • 30 Year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA, conforms to all applicable codes.

Bestbath™ Shower Bases and Pans

Bestbath‘s craftsman shower pans are built to last and are available in a full range of sizes and threshold heights, both curbed and low-profile. Their one-piece slip resistant shower pans are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. Use with their superb shower walls or use with your own tile walls without the worry and maintenance of tile floors.

  • Available in Gelcoat and Molten-Stone color options.
  • Pre-leveled at the factory for an exact slope to drain.
  • No mud setting required, saving time and money.
  • Slip-resistant textured floor for safe showering.
  • Durable one-piece pan built with reinforced fiberglass.
  • 30 Year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA.- conforms to all applicable codes.

Bestbath™ Tub-Showers

Tired of those “box store” tub/shower combos that are flimsy, lose luster and cannot even sustain grab bars unless you had already installed blocking in all the right places when you first put it in? Then choose Bestbath!

Bestbath tub-shower combinations are a great fit for your remodel project. They offer an extensive line of tub-showers and provide design choices to fit your style needs. These hand-crafted tub/shower combos are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

Other features:

  • Crafted shower/tub with stain resistant coat and gel coat surfaces, much easier to clean and maintain than tile.
  • Custom color accents make a statement and offer décor flexibility.
  • Durable., built with laminated wood reinforced fiberglass walls which allow for grab bars to be installed
  • Anywhere and anytime without additional structural bracing.
  • 30 Year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA. So conforms to all applicable Codes.

Bestbath™ Product Catalogues

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