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Smart & Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

Home bathroom remodeling projects where safety and accessibility are a concern. If you have reached the stage when climbing into a traditional bathtub is no longer safe, or if you are facing a physical limitation – it’s time to make safe bathing changes.

When changes are needed, don’t hold back out of fear it will look like a “hospital” or affect the resale value of your home. That is no longer the case with our Barrier Free and Low Curb Showers. They are made for remodeling and add beauty, safety and independence to your home. Our showers can even adapt to your needs with our specialized accessories.

A bathroom remodel can be as simple as removing a tub and replacing it with a beautiful walk-in (or roll-in) shower with all the right accessories including specialized grab bars to help make transferring safer and easier. Or it can mean a complete bathroom upgrade, with the end-result looking stylish and up to date. In fact, it is estimated that 110% of the cost of a bathroom upgrade is recouped later on down the road in possible resale.

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FACT: 80% of all Senior Injuries
Occur in the Bathroom.

The bathroom is considered to be the most important space when it comes to accessibility. It only makes sense. The bathroom is full of hazards: slippery floors, tight spaces, and hard surfaces. According to the CDC, about 235,000 adults visit the emergency room due to injuries suffered in the bathroom every year, with 68% of these injuries occurring in the bathtub or the shower.

From design to construction, Accessible Solutions will coordinate all services for your new bathroom or bathroom remodeling project. All our low-curb or barrier free showers are commercial grade, durable plywood reinforced fiberglass with a “real tile” look finish and 30 year warranty! You can customize with color options you design! We also offer accessible tubs that can come with air jets for circulation issues, or water jets for therapeutic purposes, all at a substantial discount to our competitors, with options others just don’t offer.


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