Vertical Platform Lifts

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Vertical Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Vertical platform lifts are designed as a great alternative to ramps for when you have limited space and can’t accommodate a standard 30-40 foot ramp.

Vertical Platform ramps can used for wheelchairs, power chairs and foot traffic to get up to porches, decks, and other elevated areas for both residential and commercial applications. And for you New Englanders– you’ll be happy to know that they require a lot less snow-shoveling in the winter!


Platform Lifts for Seniors & the Disabled

Accessible Solutions has the resources to assist you with Vertical Platform Lift selection, purchase, and installation. We can help you find the right residential elevator or vertical platform lift solution to fit your needs.

Our high-quality vertical platform lifts set the industry standard for function, appearance, handicap accessibility, and more. Contact us today with your questions or interest today!

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