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Low Interest, Long Amortization Loan Programs

Do you live in Massachusetts and own a home that needs to be made accessible? Did you know you can get a 0% interest loan up to $50,000 and not have to make any payments until the property is sold or has its title transferred.

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Area Agency on Aging

Some Area Agencies on Aging use funds from the Older Americans Act Title III to modify homes. To locate the Area Agency on Aging in your community, call the Eldercare Locator at (800) 677-1116 or visit their website.

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Department of Housing and Community Development

Many cities and towns use Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to help maintain and upgrade homes. Contact the local Department for more information. A listing of Housing and Community Development Agencies can be found by calling the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials at toll free (877) 866-2476.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

The FHA, which is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), administers mortgage insurance programs (e.g., Title 1 and Section 203(k) that can help home buyers and homeowners secure loans to make home modifications. For more information, contact the regional HUD field office listed in the telephone directory, or visit their website.

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Health Insurance

Some private health insurance and long term care insurance plans also pay for limited home modifications. Check with your insurance provider.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

If the home modifications meet certain conditions, they may be tax deductible. Part of the expense of installing lifts, tubs or showers may be deductible if they increase the resale value of the property and have been prescribed as medically necessary. Consult a tax professional and order a free copy of IRS Publication 502 for more information. Contact the IRS by visiting their website or calling (800) 829-3676.

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Rural Housing Services (RHS) Grants/Loans

Part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the RHS offers various grants and loans for rural, low-income elders. RHS Section 502 Home Ownership Loans may be used to rehabilitate, repair, buy, build, or improve rural homes and related facilities. RHS Section 504, the Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program, provides loans and grants to very low-income persons 62 years and older to repair, improve, or modernize their dwellings or to remove health or safety hazards. To locate the local Rural Development area offices, visit their website.

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State Assistive Technology Programs

Offers Loans/Grants for people with disabilities and their family members. Visit their website for your state contact information.

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Veterans Administration

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) offers programs that pay for renovations needed for accessibility. For more information contact the VA Office at 1-877-222-VETS or visit their website.

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The Catastrophic Illness In Children's Relief Fund

Home modifications related to accessibility as well as a host of other medically related expenses are reimbursable, up to $10k per project in many cases. For more information visit their website.

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Independent Living Center: Title VII Part B

In Massachusetts, federal money from Title VII Part B funding is made available to many of the Independent Living Centers (ILC) in Massachusetts for the purchase of equipment and services to assist people to maintain or achieve independence. For more information, please contact a regional ILC or contact MRC at (617)-204-3628 .

The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program (ATLP)

The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program (ATLP) provides low-interest loans to qualified people with disabilities and their families to purchase assistive technology devices and services that will help them lead more independent lives. If you are not financially eligible for home modifications under the HMLP, you may be able to apply to the ATLP. Contact: Leonidas Tonevski at 1-800-244-2756 ext.428 or 431 TTY 1-800-564-9700 or visit their website.

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Department of Developmental Services (DDS)

Individuals eligible for services for the Department of Developmental Services may be eligible to receive adaptive housing services through the Family Support Program. For more information contact your regional DDS office or visit their website.

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Maine AccessAble Home Tax Credit

The AccessAble Home Tax Credit is a Maine income tax credit available to individuals who earn $55,000 or less for expenses paid for modifications to their residence to make it accessible for a person with a physical disability or physical hardship who lives or will live at the residence.

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Older Adults Home Modification Grant Program

HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes is allocating $30 million available for grants.

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